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Urban & Provincial was formed by Tom Pratt and Luke Osborne with the goal to deliver pioneering residential led schemes throughout the capital and the UK. Through continuing business development and organic growth, the company is going from strength to strength, diversifying across asset classes and reaching out into locations where economic and social value can be derived. Between the team they have over 50 years property experience and an array of skillsets, all wedded by an ambition to be one of the best regeneration companies in the UK. They do this by delivering places where people, families and businesses can flourish.


Our enthusiasm for new opportunities will never end. We are a small, niche organisation with a strong desire to continue learning and growing. In a world where words don’t often translate into action, we operate with complete transparency and integrity. These principles are at the heart of everything we do. We have experience across deals ranging from £1million to £75million, meaning we are able to transact seamlessly and efficiently, never letting anyone down. Our ongoing acquisition programme is focused on key locations where we see the greatest potential for growth. Whether it’s small, large, off market, on market, restricted, inaccessible or in need of some TLC we consider all to be types of ‘opportunities’.


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